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lowing morning she complained that the grating sensation

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and exocranial of paralysis of the glossopharyngeal pneumogastric accessory

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We med more light of an exact nature in regard to the

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Osmic acid finds its chief use as a 1 per cent solution in

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of uniformity is never manifest erratic unforeseen and uncer

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bodies welfare organizations the health departments and

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He compares the skilful internist and the radiologist. The former

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Eeport by the Public Health Committee on revision of

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M sig. One teaspoonful before arising in the morning

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ing. The examinations are First Public Health Laboratory Work Physics

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type of bilious remittent fever. To it was ascribed a very

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the rectum. The posterior vaginal wall was dissected laterally

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foration has taken place the disease must be distinguished from the others

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cases but both died and the autopsies showed that the

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Hydrolysis. In order to determine definitely the cha


eral evidences of arteriosclerosis in both cases the

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proved their value. For this work he deserves great credit as

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the blood or of the secretions and excretions. Dietetics

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increased pressure on the arterial walls that a similar state

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shortly and stoutly petioled rarely exceeding 20 cm. 8

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remedies. To the compilations in the widest sense belong the Concordanciae which under

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The result as to relapse by this plan have been as to

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with a good deal of inflammation but clears up very rapidly

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