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writes very entertainingly on The Personal Factor in Medi

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of these propositions was telling the absolute truth

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beef due to the action of digestive enzymes which change the chem

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When a force applied to a body moves the body in the direction

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triangles anterior and posterior and in the anterior region the needle

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joint is to be obtained it is a distinct step in advance.

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weight of chlorine has been so frequently determined by various

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material from tlie Continent and the other side of the

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taux 110 1906. an anesthetic as a disinfectant of the

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ogy of the gland varies so greatly within seemingly

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eight hours after inoculation by the intravenous route when

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nation of every school child. New York has not only a large

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though not the only one of a pathological process which in

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are known to suck blood. The author describes Forcipomyia ingrami

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and Biological Lectures in Philadelphia during the past

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systolic is lowered by undisturbed sleep of a few hours.

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always present. Under the microscope the enlargement was

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after his graduation in 1888 studied midwifery and gyne

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of California for duty as medical director of that Department

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and statistical sifle it has not been thought necessary to impose

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wound of a peripheral nerve is most distressing and persistent. Weir

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construction and giving full details of heating apparatus ventila

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in B c and the variation of this is shown graphically in

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strongly recommends the trial of this method before any operation

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Other conditions which have been mistaken for pneumo thorax are

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The physicians of Naples have been. soliciting sub

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tow and a bandage. Animal died in about twenty hours. Was

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in young persons under 30 or 35 years of age. Cocain and

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those who claim the disease is malarial at the time of the

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tion diabetes dyspepsia fevers gout nenrous affections obe

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afterwards he was admitted into the hospital and ul

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used internally and as an injection half a fluidrachm to a fluidrachm

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direct legislation since then there had been certain enact

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is so hard for administrative officers constantly under the

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after the operation he returned to his home at Mendon 111. and

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glands which form a stratum as thick as f of an inch above

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ing with diluted glycerole of lead has been found by Mackenzie to

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gives as the reason for the above difference that the placenta

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oftener lacking than present. The diagnosis rests especially upon the

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a large amount of extras and stimulants are condescended to for the

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menopausal woes is presbyopia. In a large number of instances

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when etiology shall be perfected. Idiopathic and pernicious are

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D. Sales to t lie civil government of the Philippine Islands 158. 32

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changes may affect only a portion of the circumference or the whole

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palpitation she slept better and her appetite improved. The

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and unvaccinated children belong to different classes especially when they

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What has the future in store for us I will not attempt to

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air passages enter the almost omnipresent organisms having been

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