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brevis hallucis Fig. 15 3 assisted by the tendons of the flexor

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wire loop. The smear is made as in staining for examination under the

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after six months nuiy be replaced by a jurymast attached to an

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fonn around the embryo or if this sao bo raptured by the parasite

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troisieme ulceration semblable ayantJi peine les dimensions d une lentille partout

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points at which the electricity enters and emerges in the several

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increase in the tactile fremitus but the most characteristic feature is the

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stomac amp than it is not so greet drede therof for

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medical service upon the child during school life and to

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just behind it and behind the iris is the lens which collects

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of digestion and stasis of intestinal contents. During slight toxemia these symp

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symptoms a large rounded tumour occupying the upper part of the

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enlarged considerably enlarged or greatly enlarged in 32 cases

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character before described sphacelation ensued and the entire tumor

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door department This disease is characterized not only by the

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always getting out of order and costing more. The little

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giving a simple laxative and then the animal should be kept without food

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citing the convulsive seizures the drainage acting as a

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tial oil they are of a pale yellowish green colour have a heavy

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he found that the average maximum diameter of the head hair

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He reviews the literature of the subject and discusses the eti

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examining the blood of men and animals and segregating those found

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ance such as automatic grasping the limb of a tree or

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and shows numerous dilated vessels. Otherwise the abdomen

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could be induced by extirpation of the thyroid. Upon

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methods. The sugar coated pills of which various kinds were furnished

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the President Dr. Alston and many Fellows of the College of

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the deficiency in coordinating power may become evi

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of mental diseases and it is bootless to disguise our ignorance by

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system gives the body form and rigidity and forms cavities for the

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of the brain and its membranes aud over the Rpine in

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this obtained of no other anaemia the distinction would be of value.

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sick and injured animals. It implies the attention to every detail

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demander si c est It Texcitation initialeou a rbyposthenie consecutive que Ton doit

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clot which had formed was pressing upon it. The condition of the

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just because the serum and tho peptone are from human

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hospital 14 days passed a small stone per urethram. Symptoms recurred and

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a fowl not coming under the term beast and it was agreed

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abdomen was greatly distended rigid and tender and he

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