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greatly distended. On the early morning of. Kpril 21st
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taken for a very small blood plate or mere cellular detritus as
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We should conclude that it is rectilinear and we should then
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are sufficient to distinguish it from other cardiac murmurs. The character
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tained from sources and under conditions which according
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with distinct advantage to appetite digestion nutrition and gen
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and in doing so it was necessary to remove considerable
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public property. The Government had approved them to
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of the abdominal parietes the mass of intestines presses heavily on the
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operative advantage to be gained in ligating either the internal
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not moved my muscular sense tells me this my finger which just
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patient showed a remarkable degree of variance. The
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itself within two months. If in the young adult a favourable chai
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century the word images very seldom came spontaneously to
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indiscretion in diet may indeed p ecipitate a relapse. The patient may
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vost with characteristic energy has undertaken the task of securing
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altliough but tranxiont always follows upon a Iree use of food or drick
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On the other hand if such a denervated limb was artifici
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Now gentlemen tbis history interests us all as surgeons. You see it
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tains epithelial and pus cells. When the deeper tissues are affected the
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of the cyst. For instance a large monocyst without adhesions after
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cases of Caesarean section performed in St. Mary s Hos
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through the superior and inferior deep cervical glands.
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as we are considering the author shows that the tribes of Indians
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cases of havoc caused in families by soldiers returning from
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The title of the subject about which I have been a.sked
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to the ischium. These homologies are however uncertain especially
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disease were developing themselves to restrain which a few leeches were
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transacted. The President presented an address and reports of the committees on
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ferent reasons the same may be said of Goethe of Carlyle and of
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The course in the college of medicine and surgery leads to the degree
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A single fly lays 120 to 140 eggs the larvae or maggots
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mary and secondary cases the physical My ideal of the relation between the
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may cause slight tears in the neighbourhood of the muco
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tury will see less and less use of this great remedy
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sore throat. Then the inflammation which under other circumstances would
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main reliance upon systematic induction. The experimental method
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that there shalbe alwayes xxvi besides the fower Makers or
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to be of value particularly in anremic patients. The
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iiydrate of chloral may be carefully employed. Stupor is to be counter

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