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terior borders. The depression of the posterior border
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compressed as previously described. When this was done even though the
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that rare as the malady acknowledgedly is and hitherto unde
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Treatment. There is obviously no antidote to this poison.
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man is the art of jugglery. The majority of the human
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veterinary science within a few years and especially in regard to the
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Carbonic oxide is a colourless gas almost insoluble in water and
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instances to cure obstinate and jjrotracted cases which had resisted all
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spread vaccination and proves the truth of a state
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In the association with pulmonary and alimentary disturbance the
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simple inability t name objects. The first case occurred in a young roan
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writer and in that respect the observations of Drs. Baxter and Will
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members of the profession who are not acquainted with
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blotches appearing in different parts of the body along with
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firmatory of its being a most useful remedy and in this opinion I
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Square Edinburgh and Dr. Blair Cunynghame 6 Walker Street
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and when the woman bore down to assist in the expulsion of the
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phthisical patients so that no steps are taken to diminish
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shall at all commonly meet with eases of the following
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South Carolina that 1 was enabled to stumble on to the
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nated 53.1 grams and in the scales there were found 5.27 grams
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will celebrate the seventh centenary of its foundation by
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cent of pure carbolic acid must be added. Thirt minims of
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the obstructions of the lungs liuer and kidnies and cau
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orthopedic wards the surgical and gynecological dis
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abuse of mercury followed by exacerbation of the periostitis and estab
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dumps two death rates are always high summer complaint and typhoid.
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from the dilated aorta just at the mouth of the sac.
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of four years as resident be began practice as a consulting
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character of the pulse increase in the area of precordial dulness and the
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determine what is best we very wisely go to a druggist and
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Treatmc7it. Emetics in vomiting animals. White of egg
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imposed. He had not the same theoretical freedom as
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tongue in September 1S6S. The patient made a good but slow reco
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fowls with feathers rolled back. The color should be white though they
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cago gj.4 defines Erichsen s Disease to be a serious disturbance
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It is now considered that metabolism is low during the first month of
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just ended has been prepared and will probably make
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lap and make firm pressure on the edges. In a consider
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value in the mtMng of such surveys of cantonments as it had become
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dorsally where it lies against the heart s sac widest

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