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time given for the return of protopathic sensibility as the result
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followed syncope and the other symptoms recurred and wheiv
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consultation upon December 26 at 10 A. M. Her temperature
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at night and syringing with warm water next morning.
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ease instead of health. Nevertheless these processes must remain
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animal. The coat was dull and in process of shedding leaving bare
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ol our profession has too vailed. 1 allude to the indiscrimi
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patients and staff a majority of the staff must be registered pro
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urine be collected for not too short a time. By compar
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were regarded as inferior races incapable of any such civilization as
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cortical substance of the motor centres. An operation
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cases of typhoid fever. As I suggested this morning in my
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The scrotum was complete no testes penis with prepuce present
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following remarks In Leuosmia Leucooytosis is generally
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in iead of sulphur. To render this test of value the dilution is
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achylia gastrica was recognized as an entity the association of
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face of the body as clothes cosmetics baths lt fcc.
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prolonged or chronic poisoning which persons who persist lu drinkittg
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assistance through the National State and County Oornnltt es
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this period admits not now of satisfactory proof nor even
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incluyen enfermedades de las que hay que dar parte segun lo re
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parts fracture or dislocation that is not illustrated
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due to a parasite Slrongylus armalus. In the human subject
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the several provinces agree to the bill there will be a common standard
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the precipitation tanks must be resorted to. That is
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their friability was such that the most delicate manipulation and equal
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In the remaining cases it was found that 6 had been
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the attorney justified the Board in taking up and acting on
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guttural pouches or practice dissection on the bones of the face tc
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resolidifying at different temperatures below 60 F. Solubility
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lumbago rheumatoid arthritis neuritis sciatica sprains and old
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From the data gathered in the study of this series of casts it
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the stomach in exciting colic reflexes yet colic con
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phatic stage that tuberculosis ought to be opposed
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of massive collapse are so distinctive that it is curious that the
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mately the oesophagus may become the seat of complete obstruction or
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Tinnitus produced by abnormal couti ctions of the tensor tympani
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service to his party. Called away from a dinner table

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