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weeks to get better. After the soreness and swelling has gone
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a weekly wage to do suitable work about the sanatorium
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dyspnea on moderate exertion. Never had dyspnea palpitation or pre
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eighteenth and most of the nineteenth century old med
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exi oUa Ion and iLg.slative muddle but for easonB of
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removed until it was expelled spontaneously one night
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In connection with both the first and second dentitions
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Both coronary arteries are narrowed thickened and largely
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are indicative of health giving and life restoring p lt 3wer. Neither Hygeia
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toes and other abnormalities. Finally recovery never takes place
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the proportion to be expected namelj according to the
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successors who could be found were appointed in place of those who had
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treatment. The course taken by these electric injuries is very similar to
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utterly useless in the treatment of acute or chronic
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bodies. Serous cysts are often found in kidneys that have undergone senile
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sensitized to the tubercular irus and attacked bv the products of an
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so frequently acquired during childhood and early youth
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criteque j ai tiree de 1 original que me preterent l anl63G
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The vaccination blister is typical in appearance. Suppurating wounds
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could bo seen in tho radiogram lying behind the caecum
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Walter von Oettincen Chirurg in Berlin Wilmersdorf.
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drachm doses of a saturated solution of magnes sulph. and ten
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of the savage the most natural way of accounting for
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such a bulging had ensued. As Skoda has already stated this
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conjunctiva and a definite coryza had developed. The conjunctiva were edematous
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worm. The usual symptoms are colicky pains about the umbilicus
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Prognosis. The mortality is 1 to 4 per cent. The following
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cattle against anthrax. He had noticed that certain sheep
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multiplying the number of radial beats by the reading on
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day Once friction with ether of petroleum. Once lotion of
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the thigh to relieve ankylosis of the hip joint. In 1830 Rodgers
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ing and Eeoording Pathological Material. Albany Medi
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quarter of an hour or even less and they commonly appear in
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A hen s egg was boiled for fifteen minutes the shell re
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general appearance the body belonged to a person from 50 to
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away all molecular matter that mav have accumulated in the wound. In
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may not possibly be due to a peculiarly modified form of
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known botanist writes that in the revival of plant physiology
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or sop made with radio active water from September 3rd to
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traces of mercury in kidneys lungs etc. in one case a considerable
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that which occurs in poisoning by ammonia and this fact may possibly
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their existence upon the inherent vitality of the parent organism
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evenly retracted by the fingers of one hand while the
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displaced astragalus formed the bulk of the deformity
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Xo. 2. The adoption of gi aded scales of salaries for
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ever each operation should be proceeded by a hypodermic
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Doses For ordinary sized cows one to two pounds is the dose mixed
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After six to eight days the hand is bathed for short periods in
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become of paramount importance the presence of nucleated red corpus
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the physician for inspection and the photograph Fig. 79 was taken after
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showed itself in the left lower lobe. Twenty cc. were
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Mirepoix France. He states that the Calves were born at least three
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another group with quite as intense symptoms will present thyroid
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Symptoms. In the morning perhaps the eyelids will be found closed
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elasticity of the urethral walls without at the same time
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orifi.ce is separated from the anterior border of the right auri
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the observant reader know any man dead or alive who prac
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suffice. When this plan has been used the drug has relieved pain
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chemical product. In fact the applications of chemistry to agriculture are so
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similar success in a youth abpMt eighteen years of age.
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Hinton states that in adults with mild hypothyroidism with metabo
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stand is Sir C. Gordon Watson s reason for reviewing only
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pelled to formulate their opinions on theoretical grounds
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On the other hand ulceration due to secretory disturbance occurs at
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water or the Compound Bismuth Lozenge given after food.
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down the entire tentage and then pitch the hospital camp again
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and casts in the urine is not necessarily l gt i7 f I
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sive literature quoted by Frankl Hochwart should be consulted in this
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excrement which is voy ded from the mouth be fpumous
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Eniamaba histolytica in tissue. Section of submucosa of colon fixed in corrosive sublimate
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there are others that will sweat freely with but little clothes and scrape
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Dr. Reagan a junior member made a very strong speech
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tions have stood the scrutiny of the most critical and are
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ishing the necessity of the repeated introduction and remoyal
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From a like mode of reasoning I would insist on the importance of
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to allay the paroxysms of cough aye and there is something
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licacies is likewife very pernicious. Thefe are al
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criminal has been evolved. It has been the claim of a very
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is always difficulty frequently impossible. After the careful exclusion of
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ings. For example in one of his letters he states sui

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