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Whether instantaneous general infection follows by the

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describes the methods in regular use. Little apparatus is required and

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in the patient s general condition obtained by prolonging

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in and about Boston many of the members of the congress

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pect is that we may keep the law standing it is even

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seated haemorrhage such as haemoptysis haematemesis

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Un der the term acute phthisis we do not class ordinary cases of

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Heart. Upper border is at the third space. l ight border

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Language Association before the former body he read a paper on The

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of the twentieth century to solve and this without underestimating

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remains of the transverse colon was closed and approximated

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son he does not approve of Esmarch s bandage in this oper

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and did not take by anv means the pessimistic views

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The question is often asked by the friends of the patient

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van Leersum E. C. An exi gt lanation of tlie laxative action of

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snlphfitci subcutaneously to the pound live weight for dogs

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surgical measures are practically inadmissible and the same remark

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tends to be confused nowadays by the great number of

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tematic massage of the abdomen with Swedish gymnastics

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attained by slower and more powerful ventricular contractions.

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which will lead them to discountenance the use of secret formulae

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masse in der Tat nur Modulwerte die erforderliche voile AUge

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merely inert cellulose protective envelopes but that they contain soluble fer

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eight months or even a year. Gradually the general health is affected

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form a bag but no presentation could be detected. I

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lation of the bowels has a tendency to weaken the peristaltic

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inflammation may cause sudden death. The disease is especially fatal in

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of Pellagra especially among Negroes and to report at the next meeting.

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had taken when really he was being punished for not

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if he will properly utilize his own climate he may recover his health

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the cutaneous surface they would destroy life as burns and scalds

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a variety of drugs and muscular rest or exercise. Since the

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origin may arise from one or another of the cranial fossae and produce

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JOEL William 466 Main Street Keyport New Jersey. Candidate for Master of Science

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sion of sneezing spells and of the nasal reflex also

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nothing can be said against the simplicity and reasonableness of this

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Sec. 4. When a patient is sent to one specially skilled in the

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never met with ulcers of the trachea but in the twenty

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dyes. Complete neutralization would be like complete saturation

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tough firmly united to the pia mater and seemed to be un

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section through the dorsal root at its point of entrance into the

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and Treatment of the So Called Rheumatoid Diseases an Ab

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hopes of recovery. Without consulting me she doubled the dose of medi

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cave can only bo obtained by the provision of specially

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projjer inspection would have excluded killed nearly three times

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serpentine dermatose eruption described occurs apparently throughout

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Permanent stabling confinement absence of sunlight want of exer

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in the excreta. Nitrogen retention may in considerable part be

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instituted a course of training for tlie nurses. With

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which occurred in St. Thomas s Hospital there w ere numer

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CIRRHOSIS OF LUNG. From Ktp joj yellowish or tawny. A consoli

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support of the faculty and independent research grants. With

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the present system of surgery is the practice of sur

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is attached. Diffuse gummatous thickenings also affect

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stage of development takes place in the hypopharynx where the

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The authors tested the pathogenic effect on guinea pigs and mice of

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the exfoliation in severe cases had subsided. In mild cases two doses were

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necessary to maintain hospitalization on a relatively large scale until well

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and the glenoid cavity. If such were the mode of production we

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granular dermatitis. The lesion manifests itself first by little

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will go on as usual and also from other appointments

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less manner stamps strikes the abdomen with its hind legs perhaps

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mucous patch on the inner surface of the upper lid with a rather

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v. ere found in the brain and meniuges as in the tlrst series.

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the Northern New York Medical Society and of the St. Lawrence

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After.some operations on the septum we okserve a iTcmianent perfora

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vious year fever 392 deaths whilst diarrhea was unusually fatal

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Canada register the same at some later date in Ontario with

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Hospital for Incurables and 50 each to the Royal Sea Bathing In

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proving to be most satisfactory and the department is now in

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or to a reflex condition accompanying uterine disorders that I

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Boujeau says that a patient took three quarters of a grain of

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