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dency to spread and contagious character facilitate the diagnosis.

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and who stated that he had walked a mile before finding the

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time for operation after a laceration has occurred he

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CO content in the blood Mosso ha given the name acapnia

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culture of an organism present ng the same cultural and

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brain or relieve a pain in t he head or a pleurisy. I

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liear to the clinical results produced by the treatment.

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vailing skepticism regarding the curative effects of drugs

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large end of the cone being in the periphery of the den

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foetid ftools with a fmall intermitting pulfe and a

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claims considered in their combined rather than in their individual

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is under the outer pole. In this case the terminal extra cnrrent

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Tlie products thus yielded are emplo3 ed in part for the

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street or public place or public conveyance. So that

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In table XI is condensed the last experiment on rabbit serum. This was

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many generations and are so constant in their transmission i i

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and gymnastics particularly during adolescence and the extension

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iting and nausea are severe by high rectal enemata or

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Instructor in Comparative Dental Anatomy and Physical Diagnosis and As

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number of cures has materially increased and we may reasonably

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mistaken therefor had there been any laryngeal compli

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congestion or arterial anemia. It might be concluded

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still other sorts the time will soon come when our farmers will wonder

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and to introduce to the Association one who as everybody

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allowance has been made for the anatomical peculiarities of the various

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abnormal except for moderate obesity the scars of the former hernia

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closely watched and being detected in her maneuvers confessed her fraud.

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culation in the veins and the outgoing stream in the arteries. Pres

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alloy that would resist the oxidizing influences of the atmosphere and

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upon and one was cured. Tide section on Pyloric Ste

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tracted being separated by a clear unstained area from the

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Sanguinaria Nit in minute doses is a specific for persistent

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Quant aux hemorrhagies intestinales sur la valeur pronostique desquelles on a

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surface of the hemisphere. A small frontal lacuna receives the

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aged 22 who was admitted September 4th in a low emaciated condition.

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two. Bulky or complicated drainage ably as a rule after the patient is

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History. In this process two equivalents of carbonate of potassa and

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to p as8 pour into the percolator the remaining five oimces of the

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XJsHER Francis M. C First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur

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Pasteur showed that the acid formed is neither acetic or lactic acid but

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so useful as the wire cuirass. It is far better than confinement in

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first setting of pen unto paper I had not the assistance of

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Malignant oedema may be differentiated from anthrax by its

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drachm contains gr. i of muriate of morphia it was meant for and

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increased as though they were partly fibrosed. There has been recur

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dated correctly apeciflea the amount of money to be

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copperas with copper and the quantity of iron remaining

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Percussion shows dullness extending as far as the lung

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mals with Australian X disease. This is a very important

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of the mechanical production of arthritis deformans and

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under my observation. She took the wine of colchicum in her own

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These twenty cases gave most varied lipotropic indices namely

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forms are I think specially to be avoided on account of the fatal

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parenchymatous inflammation which gives rise to a swelling that encroaches

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What the physician was so early in this community what

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destroy cancerous and other growths. It has been administered internally

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be taken into account in attempting to appraise as the result of a

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We have repeated Lewin and Goldschmidt s experiments

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only 24 so called shell shock cases were admitted by January 1

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mental breakdown and a frank talk with and advice from a wise

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having cleared up. One case of acute glaucoma cured by an iri

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ing this result. The author holds that the favorable re

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Gross recommends the following injection should there also be

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catarrhal agents such as Carlsbad salts. To relieve con

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tues. The peculiar fragrance of the flowers may be preserved for a

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that the genital tract is not stretched or injured by its passage

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the slightest discomfort in chronic cases and it can

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