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brown pulverulent precipitate. Solania has not been used in medicine

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the American Veterinary Review of February 1914. After

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tuberculous. Hence in many cases if not in all tt was

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tinum is capable of free motion and is attached only to the

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copper plate however has been made to correspond with

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serve as a guide to the localization of the cerebral lesion which produces

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and brick walls or of single blocks is usually the result of transverse

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medical treatment of vomicae in the lungs with the follow

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affections manifestations of tuberculosis. Only four or five years

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separated aud he opposed Caesareau stclion on the living.

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patient according as he regards his condition from a hopeful or a

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the new cardiac agent bids well to replace digitalis

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My object in speaking of the treatment of aural exostoses

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of Van Swieten s liquid was injec ted. At the eighth seance more

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For this purpose opium in some form is usually indispensable. Since

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tending to last vears sometimes under unfavoralile circumstances a life

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trust that we shall not by surrendering with indecent haste publish to

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Calabar Bean Benzoate of Ammonia Phosphate of Ammonia Bro

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Thermometer a Pocket Case of Instruments and a Case of Silver or Plated

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young gentleman s fever increased to an alarming height he hecame com

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reply to other questions he said that the patient had

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tea of tobacco and mercurial ointment also destroy them.

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mUioD the former not. The prognosis of tlits malady is serious not

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ever in general our fluoroscopic findings. The heart first

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