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mounted branches as noted in the last annual report.

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If the indications are to use platelets alone thej

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instance four of the officers were below 64 inches in height and would

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the matter and that if I can succeed in rendering a

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section is that dealing with treatment. It is naturally pessimistic

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tunity is proved by the fact that some of the best morbid anatomists

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one side only and when half cut through the current maj he established

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THERAPEUTICAL EFFECTS. Lactate of iron has been administeied

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posed defendant in this case. An application for defense

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second invasion in the other the patient is now five years after the

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Similarly was an unexpected complication indicated as the

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bacillus is found to be the specific agent of infection in

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in order come the scrofulolymphatie persons who have been

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fully described as same appeared on date of admission. Fourth the

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ternally the vegetable spermatozoid is very similar to the animal

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architecture during the Middle Ages. President Jordan continues to be

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Meanwhile experiments carried out on behalf of your Ameri

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tion of 10 days there was practicly no discharge and the parts

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natural position and it therefore has a right to be where it is.

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Ergotismus. This form of poisoning occurs mainly in certain

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they correspond more or less to those of neuralgia or neuritis.

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cases they may have a definite value and more probably when inflam

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effects of legislation is shown by the marked drop of 78

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of various kinds to shortly appear in the urine. In severe cases death

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valuable. His own wide experience gives weight to his words and

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peratures has been added in the form of a stop catch

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course a large number of cases of malarial and yellow fever.

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on Atmospheric Pollution accused the domestic coal fire

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The benefit derived from KI in some cases of nephritis

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considered as belonging to the influenza group but from which

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Locum tenens. In each of the reports of the Surgeon General from

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they are also found when rabies does not exist and are sometimes

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