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It has been prophesied that the medical profession will

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his choice of a subject for the first course of the Mid

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convention. The address of welcome on behalf of the city

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slightly breathless on exertion before he took to bed.

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Thus in various local affections of which pneumonia is the most

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Sometimes the patient is in weak health before the bleeding sets in

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this is not justified and that a small proportion of

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operations in Natal in 1899 1900 including the action at

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Associations on December 2Jtli. 5 Determine procedure at

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through the class of 1980 with 202 members. The City Avenue educational health

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more or less chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes shewn by

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ditions of the circulation in pneumonia in which a timely

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dents of medicine and the allied arts and sciences.

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on starting to walk and on quick turning and he is totally unable

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anatomy in the United States personal contact with teachers second to none

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medical department and that in order to obtain the best results in

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required to report at the hospital or infirmary for treatment as di

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ently difcovcr themfclves by their countc dicion of m

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often not only below but anterior to Poupart s liga

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any effect on the percussion note and hence he regards

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DYSPAREUNIA. or painful coitus may depend upon a variety of local

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strongly indicates this. Cf. on this point Goebel Ein Beitrag zur Morphologic der

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of operative measures is tlius shown to be very doubtful. In this

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acute febrile affections somatose acted not only as a

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attacks in children in contrast to the complex grouping of them that mark

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