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Dr. Hill stated in his lecture does not iu the least alter my

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These are jumping Insects whose metamorphoses are complete and

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any case of tuberculosis must ever be keenly alive to its

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duced although the stub switch is in considerable use in

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several distinct causes which combine to produce the ill results ascribed

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strongly urge upon the Home Secretary the appointment of a Royal

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account of the dimini. licd duration of the subsequeut dis

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worst elements in sexual immorality and create in the

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the tears will flow over the face not because of an

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post mortem examination made on the 19th March from

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diseases also by pressing over the loins it causes him more pain.

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interfered with the operation which has superseded all others in India.

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pharyngeal wall were a number of small granulations

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Roussel says give those satisfactory results w hich

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preferable and in the case of a fractured limb there is

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second operation is sufficiently rare to be placed on record. The

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precaution should be taken in holding necropsies to guard

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most intricate manner which he likened to the braid of a

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wasting or unexpectedly from syncope or rupture of the heart. The

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ulated fibrin in which are polymorphonuclear leukocytes and a

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tion of Koch that the bovine bacillus has slight virulence for man. This

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age power ol resistance was not very low high winds

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considers is exempt from the inconveniences attached to those heretofore

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School Inspection for Abnormal Children. In order that unusual chil

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It sometimes happens that the hyperplastic process in the intermuscular

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As a stimulant in collapse it cannot approach atropine.

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shall have the right to give three months notice. A

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and the diagnosis of influenzal meningitis could not

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we can with great ease draw down the cord without separating its

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first eight segments have a series of bristles fixed in colourless tubercles.

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pital for many years and finds that physicians will not

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used it in acute diseases in typhoid and in pneumonia. My

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Three to six weeks is mentioned as the time required for the

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discharged and formed scabs. When the crusts separated the skin

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his intellectual powers and of his professional work

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power. This movement has ended in speculation and fantasy

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than natural others much smaller and spherical the so called micro

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tric carriage of even more value to physicians. Other

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admixture of straw and vegetable fibres of larger.size than oat or

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paid to the medical side of gynecology which is being neglected

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Examination of muscle section. As trichinosis was at first sus

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The Universities and Preliminary Education. Letters were read

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to the general practitioner in view of the modern and

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not red or hot. All the swellings were tender. There

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undue prominence was given to binders to the use of

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Administration and Schedule 3 Medical Hygienic and Sanitary Su

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On the other hand ulceration due to secretory disturbance occurs at

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the marked odor which may be differentiated from hydrocyanic acid

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teric paroxifms. In all thefc difeafes a pain or difagreeable fenfation

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spleen the incision has been made on one side of the

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tion of lectures by patients from the wards and out patient

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tested by experience the theories which they formulated. Herein

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College European literature furnished a new and brilliant special

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specific sensitiveness conferred by a previous injection. Bear

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stone house 40 by 30 feet were carried down the stream.

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The long thread worm is a small nematode helminth usually found in cajcum

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cording to published cases an unquestionable example of metastasis to internal

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the control of the evacuation officer who was responsible for the movemen o

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for instance from dark places into well lighted ones. 4

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Vallisnieri 700 and Numan more than 1 000 in one stomach. They

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cataracts the entire lens could easily be expressed within

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dered resistant to the action of pneumococci by the injection of increas

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Hastings to determine his fitness for promotion to the

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plague in spite of their treatment. In 1337 a strolling eye surgeon

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