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direct circulatory stimulants suggest themselves as appropriate.

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are sometimes the first to attract attention to the in

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Acute bronchial lymphadenitis. Slight cardiac dilitation. Parenchymatous degeneration

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favorite seat of these tumors is on the trigone an lt

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tually acccLited the proposed terms. While personally a

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loss of 11 placental preparations. It may here be stated that

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Purchase of land for Walter Reed General Hospital 264

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a long nterval. Thus in 1707 out of a total population

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there taken to what degree if at all they were genuinely Arabic

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etc. reduce injury from them as much as possible. Human

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gessit Fabricius Bibliothecae Graecae i 23 2. Porro hanc de Cailmo

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tion or two or three courses of treatment in the course of two

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that prior to this proposal they had had some trouble It mat

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salol creasote turpentine charcoal including of course calomel iodine the

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velopment of the parasite or that in a stronger body antitoxins

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A New Method of Treating Flat Foot. By Perez B. Ilouard

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hames raised and work continued with the horse until the rush work of

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any marks of disease. This though of its ordinary size was

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line mav find nests of cells which attempt to physiologically functionate and

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lanipulative procedures pre operatively and post operatively are demonstrated at

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generation Beems to follow very closely the conduct

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illustrations there may be an incongruity of physical evidences which

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At the same time that these animals were inoculated a second series

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rent is indicated in destructive diseases of the peripheral neuron

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a bronchiole as these nodules increase in size they tend to acquire

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over small matters. These to be sure are complaints com

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the fluid push the brush well into the nostrils after

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sional authorities inquiring as to the propriety of

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