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Our Interest in Persia and the Study of her History Language

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agriculture and home work amountinsg to a total of 55 000. It is

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cases the conditions which lead to the ohstruction arc in themselves fatal.

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the following questions 1. What climate in the United States is best for

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Case 5. Right hemiplegia involving both upper and lower

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purpose for which they are intended. But many of the pictures

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the practical one. If he fail at the practical exami

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the cerebellum might he distinguished from those due to locomotor

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each whose duty was to examine all applicants for license to

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taken only under the strictest obstetrical rules for. if these he

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ganate very gradually increased from day to day till

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ivith increased quantity of clothmg was noticed in No. 175

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size and be found of a deeply bronzed color. The hepatic intermittent fever

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On August 17 the chief surgeon notified the chief of the French mission

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of inquiry sent to physicians he found that the disease existed

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ment of witnessing their gestures and exclamations as to its

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of unfortunate beings who crowd our city dispensaries.

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flbrous bands there are scattered through the kidney

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probably secondary in effect. The same authors quote

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brought to a physician with the point of an ordinary shawl pin

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ent excitation in epilepsy If any nervous discharge

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to the pertinacious efl orts of some of the more in

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relation with the membranous labyrinth and other structures.

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bone can easily be levered out and with this the operation is complete.

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course and from tlie study of a certain number of fresh speci

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so much for this Section both scientifically and socially.

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