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potato two years previously. Since the accident vision in this

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late autumn and winter months than intestines producing diarrhea is liable

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dorsed by the medical societies of Kings county. In

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the people. Probably the most valuable way is through the newspa

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while in many cases it may be advisable at the out

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other garden produce are likely to be the vehicles for the conveyance of

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sequently they fell an easy prey to any or all who had

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small liydatids ol ditieient sizes tlie largest being j part ol

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complication of this form is gonorrhoea.1 rheumatism.

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occurs in the tissues and they are eliminated as aolpbates

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warmth for a time but unless frequently applied they do

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exercises. The physical examination is also negative but tubercle bacilli

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area of possible lymphatic infection should be the general

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of the myocardium would produce less adequate slower circulation.

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occurs but is rare. There are large numbers of Stegomyia Culex

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ward has granted to Sir Frederick Treves Thatched House

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and mjuth ulcers in which the spirochaetes and f jsiform bacilli were

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nervous tissues..He has been able by injection of the

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sulphate of atropine induces a powerful dilatation in ten to fifteen minutes

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opake or translucent crusts of a mammillated form it is soluble in

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course of practice he may send the medicine by messenger or

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tuberculosis in two fifths of young persons. Bios of

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the original wound. All recovered with useful vision except one

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firmation in which the principal factor must be the uterine

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to the eye but clearly different from the correspond

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at the risk of spontaneous rupture is the proper course until the diagnosis

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there meets us at the very outset the question whether it is incumbent

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r ore Uto ucentrio hypertropliy of ho riglit ventricle which cam

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matter of intubation really. on my judgment as to the

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Should every physical defect in every child in the public schools of

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nose and ear work is in charge of one of the officers who

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adequately to cover all sewage purification problems.

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Did in a central cone shaped projection with the apex pointing

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if he will properly utilize his own climate he may recover his health

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If the officers of the different ranks in the Royal Navy discussed the

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pharmacy linen stores offices for medical officers etc.

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destroy the tonsilH fauces and soft palate or entirely clear out the nasal

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a general intoxication. It fails completely when we consider that

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man spoon. Perhaps this is the most popular method.

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recognized as typhoid while the relative proportion of

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according to Le Begue de Presle thirty thousand natives and eight hundred

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lary rigidity rather than typical Argyll Robertson pupils.

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pupil of Dr. George H. Dadd who had a few veterinary

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Syphilis as a Cause of Chronic Invalidism and states he judges

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retic effect unless the temperature was over 102. It

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CQvsrieg MH curreat aad l ag r Kge water supply aEd seaitary

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this number are very eminent physicians Erastus Duretus

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Case IV. Fracture of spine in a man injured on a mining

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dissolving one drachm and a half of Hydrochlorate of Morphia in a

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by causing swelling and softening the epidermis militate

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passage of the fcctus These cases however are somewhat rare they

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brary are plain. In all its century and more of or

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