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is made to envelop tlie muscle by passing the su erior needle
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his. He had an unusually large audience various reasons ac
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While it showed the greatest merit they were still compelled
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identical with those of chronic hypertrophy of the faucial
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effective movement for reaching deep muscles I have never seen
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especially the lower in some in effects This point has not been
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uncommon in these parts attacks Europeans and he adds that he
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ment of the operation for this condition although I am
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high much branched bark smooth on the branches rough on the stems.
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of a gonorrhea is unjustifiable. It cannot kill the
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Treat with aniline oil and iodine until differentiation is com
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Strongylus Armatus group have been added and the chapter re
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lap were found in the course of clinical examinations in a large
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occurred in paroxysms of thirty or forty sneezes especially on rising in
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incapable of responding in these directions to normal glycaemia. Following
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bureau in the Department of Agriculture has been introduced
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S. A. Armstrong Inspector of Prisons and Public Charities and
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the body and changes are produced there the later formed lesions
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Perfon. Seine Bullcnfcbaft war uns alien fcbon bckannt abcr bisbcr
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Chlorose und der Vornahme der jetzt in Rede stehenden Nach
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determined by the dyspurea and cyanosis. Softening the false mem
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move common in women than in men. Of 367 cases of pneumonia
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can solid food be introduced. Well stewed tripe rabbit
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dioxide on the vaso motor centre in the medulla when the exertion is
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Further from Dr. Campbell s viewpoint he doubts that the
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My object in speaking of the treatment of aural exostoses
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by the action of the induction coil. It is very fatal.
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from other sources above mentioned it is quite impossible
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iology also is a knowledge by itself of no avail for therapeutical
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this process of substitution faulty musculatures are
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and especially those of Colin Koux and Yersin etc. have demon
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kleptomania K 7rrw to steal. Inerotomania Epwg love amatory
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portion of the intestinal wall including the mucous submucous and often
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First the popular literature of the profession. What is this It cen
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hands those which are practically unknown number many thou
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mittee should settle the claim by consent. The i rac
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Soon after this Waterhouse received from London a copy of
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This initial routine is followed by a monthly routine
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above the internal os without invading the cavum peritonei He
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murs may be heard they present no peculiarity by which their cause
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made many inquiries amongst those interested in the pure breeds of
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on its end 7C ien you kuOiO it and the only mystery
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in cases of thickenings and ridges but is apt to leave
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months from the date hereof shall have obtained his Letters Testimonial ce
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In 1847 he married Miss Charlotte C. Chipman of Waddington
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the blindness in this large asylum were due to preventable causes.
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TUBEKCILOSH. Assistant Medical Officer. Salary i 170 per
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liver even iu very small doses and this combined with
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but the rest of the suggestion was considered too extrav

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