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at short intervals and especially if they are of an aggravated

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Deaf mutism is consequently by no means such an indubi

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Shortt says that one day while crossing the esplanade at Villaire between

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losis. Examination of the urine was negative though

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The extent and character of the preparation necessary will

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of pigmentation may be seen. The pigment may be diffusely scattered

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in our therapeusis to remember this possible ingredient.

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the medical profession continue to take the lead in cancer control. We

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On returning after one of those prolonged hidings and

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celerator produced isotopes needs. However they may address the

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dum Kal KardTrrvarovt a Baubone et Cerere peragitur. Nusquam vel

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Sir William Gull referred to the importance of having a sufficient

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serous discharge which accumulates under the scab and continues

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dividual who has earned a chop nut by bringing a ma

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rectal injection consisting of warm water castile soap and castor oil

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tient to sustain the weight of his arm when it has been

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great reform full of promise of sanitary improvements for the French

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may be said of the diseases and treatment of pigs dogs and

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strated to be a practical and successful operation in the

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the persecuted. Deprived of almost every other aid science to maintain

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apparent artery could be detected the skull was scoliotic there

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Jane C set. 29 admitted November iSth 1863 into Mary Ward char

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oe a thermometer in every chamber in the house one in cni h

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As a result of the ingestion of a large amount of alcohol the

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When taken intentionally however the stomach is involved.

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delphia read a paper in which he described the dread

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to the theories of the etiology. While all agree that here

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a question the Minister of Health stated that regional

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As the result of the examination of six cases of phlebitis which

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tion actually increases slightly. On the subsequent

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perhajjs to recur later in the disease when they are

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the lower end be continued over the tibia. The merits of combining

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tive qualities are attributed to the resinous substance from the fact that

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centage of positive reactions with the commercial antigen than has been ob

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Acute Diplitheritic Endocarditis Ulcerative Endocarditis 64

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Experiment 3. On the 17th March 1895 a parrot was inoculated

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every particular state of either disease or health. Every one

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cases in which morphine can be used where there are no kidney con

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The regulation pit system is not a satisfactory method

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predisposition attached a very important ajtiological part to

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ciency is oftentimes discarded and inefficiency as is often the

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mended. About two inches of the ninth and tenth ribs are

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the hospital and less to the details of administrative work

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reading or undue influence may be implanted. For ob

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ternal temperature. Blagden and Fordyce bore the temperature of

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but of relieving pain. In his cases he seldom had to employ more

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always give the most useful finger especially to workmen.

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he continued to attend meetings and committees at the

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tory of peculiarities in infancy and childhood by the

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application of a poison. He concludes that the plant is

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that properly belong to the medical college but who have been trained

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ears and tail and as soon as circulation in these parts stop they

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line degeneration of capillaries possibly due to the action of

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yet thoroughly established a tolerance and they have

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removed had not been subjected to a microscopic ex

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bronchitis neuralgia chronic rheumatism gout and scrofula. For the

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relationship of the sciences and thereby to overcome the lack of

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Lounce them inconsiderable and unworthy the Attention

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grasping it she accidentalh struck it w ith her hand and knocked

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the circumstance that the reason for the improvement

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Iodine liniment. Diluted red iodide of mercury ointment. Iodide of lead

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terminated half a dram of fluid extract of veratrum viride

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nervous or irritable and who play truant will usually be found to be

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occur from this bacillus and havm demonstrated that the tuber

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name Airol indicates the product of Hoft maun La Roche

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Club supplied five scouts who were entirely responsible

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cardial deposit of fat wanting the pericardium which often is

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But whether evolution proceeds by slow gradations or by leaps and

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that it w as the drug and not the syphilitic infection which

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Strontium Salts. Laborde See and VulpianjJ.f 30 agree that

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tissue the surface of which is aseptic produces a reaction

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obstruction in the renjil circulation and thus causes an increased flow of

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opake milky emulsion whea triturated with water but which becomes

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Hence also the difference in the injuries betw ecu hard

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system ia in nowise contagioni. 1 need scarcely observe that tlu

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fourth month upon grasping the pregnant uterus through the

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Tne animal admission rate for the United States for all causes was

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by rickety enlargements of the ends of the bones. The

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taus sed ascendit ac Deo in coelo ministrat. Quod sic accipiebant

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flowers in terminal or axillary raceme like clusters.

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thirty five cases that were diagnosed as meningitis of which

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