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It is important to bear in mind that during the continuance of these

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For sale by all supply houses. Pamphlets on request.

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weight in direct ratio therewith it would require 5 6

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There is a well marked endarteritis of the aorta but I

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they are a very frequent cause of stillbirth and early death but also

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selves. It is this knowledge that enables Homoeopathists to continue

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hemorrhagic in character 63 times catarrhal 31 times purulent 23 times while

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sary appliances and the best possible adaptation of

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no benefit. On increasing to 70 grain doses the lesion

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similar to this is figured and described by Barnes in his

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semistuporous condition of the patient makes it difficult to obtain

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tenth. In the country further south the season is from ten days

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records of true human hermaphroditism are very doubtful though

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Confervet and pre er ves general remarks on and their compcfi

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attention to the increasing importance of the influenza bacillus

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minute dust particle to each 11 cubic meters of space in the coronal

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The University has just received through the Acting Con

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ation rarely if ever affected by the dystrophies which involve first those

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mental condition dull and confused in three cases there was insomnia

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case at different stages of the malady particularly

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by the American Red Cross medical unit stationed there.

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right half. The inequality in depth explained the persistence of cir

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Laver in exposing the misstatements in which these deputations are wont to

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so freely banded about and which are so foreign to the

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hospitals. I hope this will not happen to cyclopropane.

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cine chiefly in the form of decoction as an emollient enema in

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mated at from half an ounce to two ounces. It is more

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free treatise explaming how.Sir William Smart s treat

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exponcto docoMKrvvi ut hoc quoque membrum referatur ad superiorem

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Enteroclysis at 110 F. should be practised once or twice a day to

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people have intermarried and pretty soon most of your families are on

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ery shining pine needle every sandy shore every mist

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years ago she had a recurrence of the cough with expectoration

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point extends along the course of the lymphatic vessels to the neigh

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laity physicians on tlie other hand commonly use the term

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believe that urine issued from their navels breasts ears eyes

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something akin to disgust every attempt made by vain and presumptu

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tions preceding. Wo know that persons are born with the

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the bone is not cut through. Hoffmann thought that he had

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tion of lectures by patients from the wards and out patient

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Two cases presented pneumococcus abscesses of the abdominal wall.

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ature on the subject as a rule that the cells in cerebrospinal fluid

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nervous involvement. Wholey remarks Frequently it is through

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the day on Saturday and he passed an extremely restless and un

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paste. Having washed the animal rub him over with this mixture

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and prematurity of birth and are not to any great extent

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eclampsia sometimes by spasm of the afferent arteries or by swelling

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copohp as grieving over the death of their patron the singer

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patients admitted are placed in the homeopathic department.

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St Powd. amphiachyris i part act very foolishly sometimes for they will

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Clark chairman of the Committee on Student AiTairs.

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puration then takes place the contained fluid becomes fetid and offensive

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