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treatment were as follows 815 patients had no further paroxysm

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details which may point more or less definitely to which one

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Santi the exfoliation of a very flow operation 583. Bone

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current exceeds the medical unit of the constant gal

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about the same as that of the Fleas of this country.

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but one case of convulsions in which consciousness was

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unintelligible articulations covered with a confluent

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females possessed not a penis but a vagina this in

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services rendered are likely to be more or less ineificient and

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murs may be heard they present no peculiarity by which their cause

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with bitartrate of potassa and camphor the powdered leaves have been

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projecting above the pharyngeal in many instances a lozenge of

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expenses of care and treatment in a niasing home. The

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been regarded. The proportion of absolute successes

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which distinguishes them from the true Eclectics of our day.

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again. It is interesting to note that Tuffier finds an accession of fever

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whether thirty six inches of today are the exact counter

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their milk supply. On investigation it was found that a man employed

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cease with the definitive encapsulement of the few Trichinae which

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the neck and an urinal being hung before him and another

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in the i hizome a thin pith odor aromatic heavy taste

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ment for three nights then reduce dosage rapidly but con

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pursue his ordinary occupations though generally with

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During the bad season of the year the mortality is greater and

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mental excitement may occasionally cause blueness of the face in these

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freely to serve graciously to serve effectually. We desire

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the removal of the prudential restraint on licence in


For the various subjective pains local application of pure

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On the other hand ulceration due to secretory disturbance occurs at

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sents the characteristics of absence of mind seem to vouchsafe

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In order to understand what immediately followed on

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In color they follow the Flemish horses except hat black is rar

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Ical relations to accident. He divided tho cases first

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solely on baked pudding without having drank any thing.

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sustain the weight of the trunk at every step in walking. Its great

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The functional activity of the glands increases as pregnancy

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ing the observations largely made by your countrymen could

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its solution in water Sir Humphrey Davy and this probably holds good for

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themselves evidences of beginning arterial disease is attractive and when

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quite imperceptible. Bouveret considers the condition due to a spasm of

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medicine another certain number was cured by another

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ferri subsulphatis. In this State it is not officinal

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are called neuritis. Tliere can be no doubt however

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natural position and it therefore has a right to be where it is.

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to predispose to this fever. Some contract it upon the slightest exposure

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hot weather when lard cannot be conveniently carried without the risk

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objection to which is the difficulty of cleansing and

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the general surgeon thus annually turns away from his office thou

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adding one fifth for lapping. For flooring not matched

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the murder of his mother who had been dispatched with an axe

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cluding the cerebral spinal and sympathetic centres with the sensorial

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if such it can be called for there is no audience no

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subject is prejudiced and it appears some of our practice has been thus

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Hospital Sunderland. Should time permit discussion will be

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phobia. Tetanus occurs as a consequence especially of a

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round shrapnel bullets and fragments of shell casing.

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purpose than the nourishment of those organs. Moreover it

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such a conclusion is by no means necessary as all these conditions

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Chronicles us the oldest private remedy sold in England and is still proprietary.

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localization characteristic of the cerebrum with those of the cerebellum and note

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but gradual clearing as if the effusion had remained between the retina

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complicated the administration of these hospitals and required duplication of

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struck. A temporary nose cold or a temporary ordinary bronchitis will tempo

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numbers placed on each ring show the number of mosquitoes calcu

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determinants. He showed moreover that in the case of the hy

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the Statement must remain for the present that milk should be

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view Vi hich corresponds very closely with the recent

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should wait patiently until sufficient dilatation had

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made and the diagnosis of multiple neuritis was left in no doubt.

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reviewing the effectiveness of these measures. A National

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these salts have a great influence upon the degree of urotoxicity. The

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from 6 to 12 inches or more in length externally pale greyish

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both limbs placed in treatment chamber up to the hips. Cylinder temper

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