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localized character pointing to locil causes. Professor

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the stem of a tobacco pipe a bad fitting tooth plate etc.

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vessels are fairly small and considerably smaller as they approach the

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Jane C set. 29 admitted November iSth 1863 into Mary Ward char

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Carolina are about the same. The sit nary training to profit by thoroughly

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and usually involves tlie whole of that region. Sometimes it occurs in

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were cases of exophthalmic goiter of definite hyperthryoidism of

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quibusdvm libris additur koi imtp jjOTj irorayihv oXXc rpiov. Certe in

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Socotra or Zanzibar aloes yielding Socaloin differing more

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by the introduction of Venezuelan horses into Trinidad Barbados

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latter was accomplished very largely through the collecting

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Lislerine is indispensable for the preservation of the teeth and for maintaining

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Nevada and the northwest corner of Arizona having an alti

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numbness and swelling vomiting diarrho a urticaria profuse sweat

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tude in different cases. Coarse nystagmus for example may be elicited

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of hemorrhoids partly from the constipation thus induced partly

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mount than was formerly believed to be secreted by the gland

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sions. Those cases that recover have a very slow conval

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destroyed and the odour almost insupportable. The complications

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temperature but is rendered harmless by steam acting under the

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tom of the obftrudled circulation of the blood than of a paralyfis of

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of the arytinoids and the aryepiglottic folds which

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however often itself coniVunes with other constituents of

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vation in the malaria district. The cost of malaria to

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sion especially affecting the lung or heart local direct pressure causing

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progress be more rapid but the subjects could be better taught

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is not disturbed. Appetite is good eats everything now masti

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the development of power the storing up of mental energy and other things

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collected is of much greater scientific value than the possession of

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process may be general or limited to certain areas especially the placental

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its hospitals as to be of direct and definite service to the practising

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through the sense of smell. On the authority of Spigelius whose name

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Calhoun County Medical Association. This Association

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minute dust particle to each 11 cubic meters of space in the coronal

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had always been well and healthy. When she was about

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his investigation on purpura in collaboration with Dr.

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The reported prevalence of hookworm infestation as deter

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evident interest by a distinguished audience. The Presi

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at intervals of fifteen days. The author found that

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description further than to mention that it is the mode adopted

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or like accident which by the artificial vfe of a firing

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Liaison with British mission reference to disposition American patient.s in British

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or pearl ash impure potassium carbonate soft soap and sulphur. A

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of its prevention. Admitting it to be one of the most fatal

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set up proliferation of the melunoblasts. Unfortunately

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of Animal Industry with ample scope to deal with all animal

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while after a battle the non effective list is swelled to

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Five lectures on recent researches 011 the biology of bacteri.i

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tion of Sciences by Al Ghazali or other important works of this

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epithelium. As instances of nerve influence on epithelium

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sensation is not so marked in the feet as in the hands. Occasionally

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symptom for the simple eason that these reflexes are not invariably present

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centres as in the laryngeal crises of locomotor ataxia in hydrophobia

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The existence of a journal reduces itself to a question of manu

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Symptoms. In certain special features the tuberculous varies con

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I think that it is evident why so many observers in malarial

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obtaining this specimen we at the same time ascertain

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means of a sterile glass rod or spatula as suggest

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of hyperthyroidism are well marked because tonsillectomy is a trying

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thought we begin to feel that the solution of life and health is

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acquainted with a gentleman in the neighborhood of the patient on whose

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The real cause of leprosy is undoubtedly the leprous bacillus

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to get too near the seat of power in Washington It already controls

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little value or trusted. He divided the Indian eunuchs into three classes

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duration and require a great deal of patient treatment but

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power. This movement has ended in speculation and fantasy

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Course X. Wave theories of light heat and electricity.

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and courageously followed up by statutory measures and

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a public liath shall be liable on conviction before a magistrate

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Pbuoekton case of aneurismal varix following the use of pressure in

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soidal currents. Persistent vomiting is not an unusual 8ymi gt

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scribed interruption and irritation of the cortical tracks. Points

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classifying the microbes which cause the clinically

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of the Tri Sta.te Medical Society of Alabama Georgia and Ten

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We have seen Francis Bacon in various shades and fortunes. He

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opportunity is afforded a union which reestablishes the

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concentrate special ward attention on the very sick and on the seriously

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belong the pernicious habit of reading at stool pro

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