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enjoyed singular opportunities pf obtaining professional

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portunity for conservative work is in the treatment

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democracy fair dealing political equality and Just representation upon

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pleural cavities contained a pint of fluid. The dura mater forming the posterior

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quickly. It may be of interest to state that he finally

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The number of trypanosomes in the blood of infected animals is

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The great divergence in our present scientific views of the

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coming from the scat of ligature. Possibly the broad ligature had

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to the bread and broth in the proportion ol two to six ounces.

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Eine ganz eigenartige und witjige Faffung der krankmacbenden und

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in a muslin cover and sterilized for 15 minutes under 20 pounds

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into Cuba It was not eliminated until after the Spanish Amer

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Blaokbubn. Stony Imrst College Municipal Technical School.

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portant that this disorder of the digestive and as

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rapidly healing. The supervention of sepsis and its

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uterine cavity 12 lines its breadth 9 lines greate. t

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are always associated with grave general malformation

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tar and sulphuric acid mixture or by the domestic cat.

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end and one mid length facing the middle entrance of the next adjoining

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dark skinned negro girl. Lips and mucous membranes are

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over tlie cornea in such a way that its tension will

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The secret of long life is given in the short history of one

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to the skin itself care being taken to fill up the flat

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Dilatation with thinning of the walls occurs most fre

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valves or present ramifications which do not correspond to those of the

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chills without influencing in any way the pneumonia.

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heat light nor bathing facilities. The patients were scattered all over the

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hold and expired with a sigh. At the postmortem which was secured

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time the phonology and inflection of the various Prakrit dialects have

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cannot be considered pathological. Those collections which have

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mad push awBj the spoon oontoining the n puhura medUane wUcfa gtre

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put forward and the evidence of house infection in Assam

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of them are not only careless but actually ignorant of the danger lying

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although the results were opposed by Chauveau and his col

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of the muscle fibres in multiple pregnancy and the rest.

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clearing work has been kept up by prisoners to some extent.

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In dilute solution or with mucilaginous liquids it is much less

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after from five to thirty injections on an average after

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vidual. The estimate in our opinion is much below the Scottish

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Sensation was unaltered in his body and limbs there was no paralysis

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disability of the facial muscles will disaonear. The

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intercourse in any circumstances because you are sure

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values were in all probability the best available. 15ut

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tion as is now proposed would prove to be cumbersome

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which may be obtained by distillation with water. It yields its properties

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stems leaves three to five nerved chiefly alternate ray flowers rose

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higher the absolute humidity at St. Paul being only half

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jiatieut omnopon is to he preferred to morphine owing to

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viously discussed. It may be repeated that the distinguishing

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