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cookery then Charlotte Russe signifies a dish of custard inclosed in or

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Batten regards both brain and cord disease as due to thrombosis of fine

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and also in another complicated with diabetes Case 128.

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a particular form with a definite amount of water of crystallization it

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For most problems we have as yet been unable to go beyond the

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rest for the head when the plates are being changed.

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CoorSQ DuratioB and Tennination. There are numerous variations

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Btate of the woman s constitution and that of the child s circuhition.


same as in the Engineer Corps its ofiBcers must be engineers but that

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patient s occupation is generally secured in two or

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the early months of this war the customary method of treatment was

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route taken by the fingers which occasional application of 6 per cent

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iinponanl rather on account of the complications which may grow out

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cases it would seem to be better if the uterus was re

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cools will turn to an olive green color and liecone

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A census susceptibility to measles and its relation to quarantine pro

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cluster of Peyer s glands they were upon the surface of the bowel

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Acute bronchial lymphadenitis. Slight cardiac dilitation. Parenchymatous degeneration

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abscess. The suppuration may be encapsuled and ptir

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publishes valuable original papers and critical comments

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the system to produce a sui plus of such material and

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questions arising in connection with Medical Department activities within the zone of the

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dence or nobody has invented anything or one man is the real

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to antiseptics which arrest or impede the growth of organisms. Dis

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able reason of the infiltration of the cellular tisues with the serum

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logic I should be fined 3d. as being inefficient to that

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The Domen Straight Fronted Belt Corset. We have examined

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lines of the service and to centralize authority and fix responsi

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book. Without the least hesitancy or apology we find him on almost

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wbunded and when the roads and the ground permit of it

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physiologists run away from them. Is there any well founded justifi

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Wash the foot and wound with warm water and soap. Thoroughly cleanse

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matter to indicate to the doctor who has accompanied the


There was less discharge the wound was healing. She had no pain

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production of powerful agencies for good in the form of

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In the onrrent literature of hysterioal ethios we find all sorte

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Jo m en vais domain Cairo etutlier Noel Falconet on modo

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One may. perhaps recall the happy comment made I think


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tain epidemics of dysentery worms in large numbers appeared in the

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which this will remain intact is uncertain he has never used

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in the animal lyftem. Thefe motions have been fliewn in a former

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silver dollar which he had swallowed one half hour previously

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destroyed the whole calf and encroached upon the sides of the leg.

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irrigation introducing a strip of gauze downi to the point for

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ations from Maine to Florida flowering from August to October. The

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caused them and out of which they never would have arisen

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Sweating sickness was an inflammatory rheumatic fever with great dis

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chara turn Ferri Carbo nas cum Sac charo Set c cha

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called for Nov. 27 1788 the call being signed by himself.

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connection with the word give iwtj ai i gt r as the Greek

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tim muet influential factor. The causes of chronic bronchitis are

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and native Porto Ricans limited however for the present purpose to

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it must be remembered that this has frequently been mistaken.

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of commencing tuberculosis of the kidneys can be readily made.

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Early in his career he was through the introduction of

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Muscle sense is generally considered with the general

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mgm. of arsenic in each 100 gm. of substance and is the

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meal and grain. The cow should be carefully sheltered also. After calving

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