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the systematic works on the Practice of Medicine. His idea
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tial oil they are of a pale yellowish green colour have a heavy
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During the voyage an epidemic of influenza occurred. The first
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perhajjs to recur later in the disease when they are
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been here to night to give us the benefit of his experience
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eight hours then evaporated to one tenth and filtered. The
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researches and as a touchstone for our conclusions.
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everywhere shown to determine the actual value of operative pro
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A much more important phase of the treatment of rheumatism consists
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Buck The Growth of Medicine from the Earliest Tunes to about
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of the physician into daily life. I feel sure relapses
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the compliment they have given me in asking me to contrtbute
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cases oi chronic prostatitis a positive reaction was
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diagnosed as small pox. Nearly 13 000 cases of scarlet
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meningococcus and pneumococcus serums had been dis
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