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daih in the splendid hospitals of large cities but surgical

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the assertion that chloroform is an irritant vapor to

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the largest percentage of patients to productive citizen

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and so forth. Such screaming fits are observed with especial

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instances among the Camargue Horses several dying from asphyxia.

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be on melancholia and its treatment. Were my audience

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service records of these soldiers were required when obtainable to be completed

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made only by those who do not know that when necessary

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bill on the ground that it would interfere with the

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merly known tumors starting in the suprarenal capsules pri

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powerful elastic contraction of the arteries contrary to what is

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Block William H. Captain and Assistant Surgeon will

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apppetite and giving better digestion. It has been used more in hemoptysis

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This must not be interpreted as necessarily due to kepha

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mass I grain of powdered digitahs leaves and i grain of powdered

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The present physical standards Special Regulations No. 65

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guard against renal complications. At all events there

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the gray matter of the cord as seen in Weigert prepa

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Acute bronchial lymphadenitis. Slight cardiac dilitation. Parenchymatous degeneration

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The consideration of this induced the use of salt in various com

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Df phosphorus and known as iodothyrin. Dose 3 to 10 gr.

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be associated vertigo a sense of fulness in the head and

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is overlooked by the careless attendant. Very commonly how

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Since this time this plan has been successfully carried out in several inslancesi

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the stomach is closed by a continuous suture carried

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declared and since then two others have gone to Chatham

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