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in order to diminish the possibility of hemorrhage
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Of other associated ocular movements may be mentioned a pupillary
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acute attacks is well represented in Chart XIV prepared by Futcher.
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at 3 p.m. The Chairman the Marquess of Northampton
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deceived on a matter so well understood by and so deeply interesting
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one lobe to another apparently takes place through the bronchi as the
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the Olluliuius tricmpis of the Cat may wander from the stomach into
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fices or else as Grotius hinteth if any such practice there
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the blood is taken the previous treatment catharsis etc.
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pretty well settled also that scarlet fever is less con
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to.xic serum were alive three days later. The conclusion
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trypanosome the first test to apply is concerned with its behaviour
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which might be termed applied biology. As an indica
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according to the condition of the individual subject. Arsenic one
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tissue has so degenerated that it is unable to perform its
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mention cases in which Cesarean section had been twice performed with success
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and a fathtr can obtain protection both for him.self and his family. Even
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is at times quite profound so that cases of ileus have been diagnosed
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in number and are connected by nerve fibres forming
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possible and in the light of recent hematologic work in many ways
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chiefly from the vicinity of Casengo where the disease had attained
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tive tissue to nutritive disturbances considers the terras chronic metritis
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menstruation odorless or of little odor persisting
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cells in the peripheral circulation as demonstrated by
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fest. The cachexige are generally well marked and evident. An excep
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ness previous practice and carefully inclining however slightly the
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On percussion there will be detected some degree of want of reso
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cially mitral stenosis is only rarely complicated by
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dom symmetrical. The thorax muscles may be involved
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our readers evidence of the awakening interest of surgeons in the opera
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usually occurs with the more definite signs of rheumatism such as arthritis

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