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liness of the surface both before the operation and dur

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previously showed rapid improvement when transferred to the clinic

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John Lirzars Lizars Esq. Associate Coroner for the United Counties of

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standard body iveight are taken from table 74 The Rat Donaldson 15

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was formerly supposed but it by no means follows that all animals that

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and after a month at the seaside regamcd his normal

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der of one of the freshmen grabs the iron bar which holds the

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soap bubbles. Might I say tliat if he will now leave

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practice it does give a simple method of controlling the admin

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remains completely normal was the most frequent meningeal complication

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its differentiation from tlu alcoholic form its curability in many cases

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tions visit they recognized that tho British Medical

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focus. The amount of this wastage from the parasite is very

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tion implicating the liepatic cells. Franzenberg in one case

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a success which has compelled admiration everywhere and has made him the

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who believe they have a mission based on a theory identical

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are present wlien the endocarditis complicates pneumonia or the gonorhooal

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instance four of the officers were below 64 inches in height and would

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offers to the local physicians specialist advice on

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bedclothes partially turned down arrived at the conclusion that

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about seven thousand with broad and shady streets a

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side of medieval medicine was the organization of hospitals dck

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a long protracted case is apt to die from inanition.

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greatest task is to learn the details of the various ceremonies of which

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chosen being when the Nile was in flood. Bertherand cites examples of

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r i i NG the past fortnight the need for still greater

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ease. It is of the utmost importance that these patients should

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