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mucous membrane. Fresh tubercles meanwhile appear only to pass

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ical school as the proper place for the study of tropical

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dampness and coldness similar to that which prevails in

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To those especially concerned with the study of tumors this

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obliterating arteritis and phlebitis of the vessels of the cord and by

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station arriving there December 19 1917. It was the second hospital to

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differences in size to differentiate specifically the Ameri

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THE incidence of high ezpfosive casualties in the present war

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rather than diminishes the swelling. Hence an over strong

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Active clinics in general surgery and its specialties have been

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phenomena remain confined to the nerves or they spread more

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darkness surrounding the disease. The peculiarit of the pain experienced

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per cent 24. My own experience would suggest the smaller number

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perhajjs to recur later in the disease when they are

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with liver dulness which extends to third right interspace.

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irritation which is also adopted by Dr. David Newman in the important

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cision was made on the median line about six inches

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health and strength then return. But the termination is not

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a barrier to the extension of the inflammation in this direction. The

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enterprise that he is willing to adopt the tendon sut

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their merits and demerits are discussed. Antiseptic

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which consist of about fifty pupils to do any work along

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this operation due to peritonitis infected by loops

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stets sowohl die Belastungssteigerungen als die zugehorigen

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remedies being unsuccessful Fowler s solution of arsenic was given with

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flattering appellations. The references to chthonic deities in the Greek authors

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been applied and which have yielded the most pleasing results are

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brown pulverulent precipitate. Solania has not been used in medicine

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his answer was Nothing more than a pinkish sputum.

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